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Dallas Probate Attorney & Real Estate Lawyer Fort WorthMany people have never hired an attorney, and have no understanding of the interplay between lawyer, court and client. We believe the best way to educate a potential client is to first discuss his or her issues, before formalizing a business relationship. After the initial contact, we are available for a 30 minute consultation, at no cost to you, where you may visit our office to consult with Nancy Ridgway in person or on the telephone.

I pledge the following to my clients:

1. I will endeavor to achieve my client’s lawful objectives in legal transactions and in litigation as quickly and economically as possible.

2. I will be loyal and committed to my client’s lawful objectives, but I will not permit that loyalty and commitment to interfere with my duty to provide objective and independent advice.

3. I will advise my client that civility and courtesy are expected and are not a sign of weakness.

4. I will advise my client of proper and expected behavior.

5. I will treat adverse parties and witnesses with fairness and due consideration. A client has no right to demand that I abuse anyone or indulge in any offensive conduct.

6. I will advise my client that we will not pursue conduct which is intended primarily to harass or drain the financial resources of the opposing party.

7. I will advise my client that we will not pursue tactics which are intended primarily for delay.

8. I will advise my client that we will not pursue any course of action which is without merit.

9. I will advise my client that I reserve the right to determine whether to grant accommodations to opposing counsel in all matters that do not adversely affect my client’s lawful objectives. A client has no right to instruct me to refuse reasonable requests made by other counsel.

10. I will advise my client regarding the availability of mediation, arbitration, and other alternative methods of resolving and setting disputes.

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