Dallas Business Lawyer

Dallas Business Lawyer

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Business Entity Structuring & Ligitation

I can help you set up a business entity and advise you on the differences between sole proprietorship and corporations, whether Sub-S, C corporations, limited liability corporations, family partnerships or limited liability family partnerships. With recent changes in business entity structures and requirements, for instance, a General Partnership should move into a limited liability partnership. Changing from a professional corporation (PC) to a PLLC, upon having two or more owners in the future, allows an owner to limit their personal liability to personal creditors or a Bankruptcy Trustee, alleviates some insurance requirements that precluded many from previously taking advantage of this useful entity before, and gives the flexibility of choosing federal taxation under either subchapter S or subchapter K (partnership).

In business, time is of the essence. Issues must be decided quickly and decidedly. Having problems collecting your receivables from your customers? Having problems on construction projects, where the General Contractor or Owner fails to pay your bills? As a supplier of goods or services, I can help protect you from a defaulting contractor or owner, or subcontractor. I routinely file materialman liens and litigate business collection issues. With proper planning, I can help you from having others default on your receivables, using a variety of collection methods.