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Civil Rights Attorney Dallas

Civil Rights Attorney Dallas

You Have Rights – Hire a Dallas Civil Rights Attorney to Protect Your Rights

You are a citizen of the United States and that gives you specific civil rights.  Our civil rights are what make this country great and you have the right to have them protected.  Unfortunately, even today individuals are denied these basic civil rights under the law.  When this occurs, legal action becomes crucial, both to uphold the rights of the individual and to guarantee future civil rights violations are discouraged.

A qualified civil rights attorney, in Dallas, can help victims of civil rights violations fight back against their mistreatment and uphold the rights and liberties of others.  Have you been the victim of a civil rights violation?

In Dallas, Nancy Ridgway understands the impact the mistreatment has had, and she will work to correct these types of injustices.

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Civil Rights Claims – Dallas

The laws governing civil rights are comprehensive and involve extensive legal topics.  Nancy Ridgway Law Office is completely prepared to help clients when dealing with a variety of different legal matters, including:

  • Title VII
  • Fair Housing Act
  • Section 1981
  • Section 1983

When you are in the midst of a civil rights violation related to these laws and legal statutes, you deserve high-quality legal representation.  You deserve a Dallas area civil rights attorney to stand by you and is focused on upholding your rights and will strongly fight to ensure you receive the treatment you deserve.

Speak with a Civil Rights Attorney in Dallas

If your civil rights have been violated or ignored, Nancy Ridgway is ready to help.  She is ready to help you to pursue justice.  We have the experience and the resources needed to provide individuals dealing with civil rights violations with the representation required to fight for justice. Discuss your situation in-depth with us and find out how we can fight for you by calling (972) 671-5000