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Family Law Attorney Dallas County

Top Family Law Attorney Dallas County

If You Have an Issue Requiring a Family Law Attorney, You Only Want the Very Best in Dallas County

When a family dispute arises, it is rarely not messy.  The stress and complex nature, of the disputes, requires the services of a top-of-the-line family law attorney to make sure your rights are protected.  Whether your case or situation involves a divorce, a child custody dispute, or adoption, it is important you work with a top family law attorney, in Dallas, TX.  Many people have entrusted Nancy Ridgway for representation for their family law cases.  With Nancy Ridgway, you can be sure she is focused on protecting your rights and taking the time to provide well-timed information that will protect your family’s interests.

Nancy Ridgway’s experience is beyond reproach when it comes to family law and she employs her characteristic style to direct her clients through every stage of the legal process, which has reinforced her position as one of the top family law attorneys in Dallas, TX.

Positive and long-enduring legal solutions, for your family, can be found through sound counsel and support that Nancy is focused on providing every client.  Please contact us directly for more information regarding any of our practice areas and having the Dallas County top family law attorney on your side.

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Family Law Attorney Legal Services for Dallas County

Enforcement and Modification of Support, Visitation, and Custody Orders – Change in a family law agreement is inevitable and during these times changes need to be made for accommodation.  For example, one person’s income might significantly increase or decrease, making child support or alimony obligation unreasonable.  A parent might move out-of-state for a new job opportunity or overseas for military deployment.  This can subsequently complicate a child custody arrangement.  Sometimes, one member may consistently violate a custody order.

If and when your circumstances significantly change, you can legally ask the court to modify or terminate a support or child custody order.  We recommend that you should not simply ignore a court order.  Court order violations can negatively impact your rights and could result in criminal charges.  As an alternative, contact an experienced top family law attorney, in Dallas, TX, who can assist in filing a petition allowing the presentation of your arguments to a judge.

We will assert your rights if you are seeking a modification; or seeking to prevent a modification; or to enforce, or defend existing custody, support, or visitation order.

Property Division – During a divorce, the division of marital property is required, which includes most assets and debts you accumulate during a marriage, including:

  • Real estate
  • Bank accounts
  • Investments and retirement funds
  • Cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles
  • Household items, furniture, art, and other personal property
  • Debt, including credit card debt, mortgages, and loan payments

There are circumstances in which you are not required to divide the separate property.  Property or assets deemed not separatable are assets you obtained before the marriage or inheritance.

Since Nancy Ridgway is a board-certified specialist in family law, experienced in even the most complex property division cases involving real estate, businesses, investments, and retirement benefits, she has distinguished herself as one of the top family law attorneys in Dallas, TX.  With this experience, she can help you establish what is subject to the marital estate division as well as the benefits and consequences of different types of asset division.

Paternity – Fathers have legally deemed important rights and obligations.  Once paternity is established, you obtain physical and legal custody rights, which also includes the duty to support your child.

Paternity disputes require a skilled family law attorney alongside you.  This is something you should not do alone.  An experienced lawyer can help develop your claims and protect your long-term interests.  This goes for both fighting to establish or disestablish paternity.

However, paternity disputes can also be handled, by Nancy Ridgway Law Offices, on the behalf of mothers, fathers, and grandparents.  We pride ourselves on our comprehensive paternity issue approach.  We look at the overall picture and construct a strategy that addresses child custody, visitation, support, and other important matters.

Adoption – The decision, to adopt or place a child up for adoption, is significant.  The legal procedures involved are numerous.  Without skilled assistance from a top Dallas, TX family law attorney, you possibly could make mistakes that delay or complicate the adoption.  This applies to birth parents too.  Birth parents need to clearly understand their rights throughout the process.

It is important to structure the adoption such that it best suits the biological parent or parents and the adoptive family.  Depending on the circumstances, this might involve an open adoption (where the birth parent has some contact with the child) or closed adoption (where the birth parent is not a part of the child’s life).  Both options have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Prenuptial Agreements – Some of the most powerful tools in family law are prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.  These tools specifically define what assets and debts are separate property, which removes them from the marital estate adding protection during a divorce.  Contrary to popular belief that a prenup is only for the ultra-wealthy, they are a good option for everyone.  For example, a nuptial agreement can ensure that assets stay within your family or protect an inheritance of a child from a previous relationship.  They can also protect you from debts previously accrued by your fiancé or spouse.

Our experience in both pre and postnuptial agreements allows us to assist you at any stage from drafting, modifications, to enforcement.

Additional Services Offered from Dallas County’s Leading Family Law Attorney

In addition to the services addressed, Nancy Ridgway Law Offices proudly provides the following family law services to Dallas, TX area residents:

  • Contested and Uncontested Divorce
  • Parental Rights
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Protective Orders
  • Name Changes

Dallas County Family Law Attorney

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