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Families are complex and unique and family legal disputes are the same as a result. Family disputes are defined by their complexity, levels of emotional stress, and ultimately cost. Whether you are facing a divorce, a child custody dispute, or are interested in adoption, it is critical you hire and work with a family law attorney, in Garland, you can trust. An attorney focused on protecting your rights and supplying the prompt information required to safeguard your family’s best interests.

Nancy Ridgway has extensive experience in family law and employs her distinctive approach to guide her clients through every step of the legal process.  Positive and long-lasting legal solutions, for your family, can be found through sound counsel and support that Nancy is dedicated to providing. Please contact us directly for more information about any of our practice areas.

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Family Law Attorney Legal Services – Garland, TX

Contested and Uncontested Divorce – Are you filing for divorce, or have you received divorce papers? Either is disheartening and stressful because ultimately ending a marriage is an emotional and complicated process.  In most divorce cases, years of marital assets will need to be sorted through, fairly divide assets, negotiate child support and alimony payments, and design an effective and workable child support plan that is in your child’s best interests. Unfortunately, a divorce affects more people than a couple. All of these issues are important to both sides, hence disputes can quickly arise, and quickly lead to a contested divorce.

Nancy Ridgway has the experience to oversee both contested and uncontested divorce.  We can protect your rights associated with property division, child custody, and support as your divorce attorney in Garland. Based on your needs, we can aid in building a divorce strategy focused on protecting your interests and ensuring you and your children’s stability.

Parental Rights – You, as a parent, have more rights than just spending time with your child. You have the right to make decisions about his or her welfare, medical care, education, religious upbringing, and other important child-rearing issues. Simply, these rights are commonly referred to as “legal custody.”  More often than not, these decisions are not contentious during a marriage. Regrettably, a divorce can abruptly complicate the decision-making process.

Nancy Ridgway is focused on protecting your rights as they pertain to your access to your children that is in the best interest of the child while preserving your relationship with your children. This includes fighting for your right to make significant decisions for your child.

Child Custody and Visitation – Typically, legal custody and physical custody are granted together. All parents, regardless of gender, have the same child custody rights.

Resolution out-of-court is the best way to resolve child custody issues, however, disputes can happen. Nancy Ridgway has a unique client-focused approach to child custody. We will spend the time needed to get to know you, your parenting style, and your unique circumstances. The knowledge obtained, through a thorough evaluation of your claim, will be used to craft a child custody strategy that addresses your parenting goals and your child’s best interests. This strategy may involve mediation, a court hearing, or a combination thereof.

We are experienced in child custody issues that arise from a divorce, separation, or unmarried couples. Additionally, we can also oversee grandparents’ rights cases, relocation, or modifications to existing orders.

Child Support – As a parent, you have a duty to support your children emotionally and financially. The guidelines governing child support are set by the State of Texas. These guidelines take into consideration the parent’s income, the number of children involved, and other important factors. However, there are times when following the guidelines is not in line with the child’s needs. A family law attorney, in Garland, can help you completely assess your situation and calculate the proper amount of child support.

The Nancy Ridgway Law Firm is prepared to help you figure out the appropriately correct support payments you owe or are owed according to Texas state law guidelines. We can also help you productively negotiate for a different amount depending on your circumstances.

Additional Family Law Attorney Services Provided for Garland Residents

In addition to the services addressed, Nancy Ridgway Law Offices proudly supplies the following family law services to Garland area residents:

  • Enforcement and Modification of Support, Visitation, and Custody Orders
  • Property Division
  • Paternity
  • Adoption
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Protective Orders
  • Name Changes

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